October 29, 2014

Latin America is responding in a way consistent with the global panic surrounding the virus. In the most extreme case, Colombia has been denying visas to anyone who visited several of these nations during the past month. But, leaders in this region recently met to offe...

September 18, 2013

At a family reunion that I recently attended, I was approached by one of my distant cousins with a revelation that immediately stopped me in my tracks: “I need to lose weight.” What was troubling about the statement is that these words were spoken by a self-doubting, w...

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Dr. Jones is recognized for his expertise on inequality, the impact of unequal neighborhoods on health, and the implications of gentrification on community race relations. His appearances, public writings, and interviews are found on this page.

A copy of his press kit can be found here.


To contact or interview Dr. Jones, email or call Octavia M. Kelsey at (202) 994-6345.