Antwan Jones


Antwan Jones is Associate Professor of Sociology with  courtesy appointments in the Departments of Epidemiology and Africana Studies at The George Washington University. As a sociologist, he writes and speaks on topics related to urban neighborhoods, population health, and racial & ethnic relations.


Dr. Jones conducts rigorous research to understand the relationship between where people live and a myriad of social outcomes - from chronic health conditions to the closeness that individuals feel to certain racial/ethnic groups. His research has received several awards, including the Young Trialist Award from Cardiovascular Clinical Trialists Forum.


He uses his research to contribute to public debates by blogging, writing newspaper editorials, and appearing in local & international news outlets.

Presentation of Latest Race & Ethnicity Research
American Public Health Association
Invited Speaker and
Panel Participant
American Academy of Health Behavior


Invited Discussant
 American Sociological Association


Diabetes in Central Appalachia

This study extends the results of a previous project, which explored individual and geographic predictors of a cardiovascular outcome, by focusing on a related comorbidity: diabetes.

Immigration, Neighborhood Environment, and Obesity Risk

This study extends the results of a previous project, which explored immigrant acculturation and child obesity risk, by analyzing neighborhood conditions.